Colorful Circle Cork Boards To Organize Your Home Office Or Dorm – Recycled Craft Tutorial

Looking for a unique way to organize notes in you home office or dorm room? Look no further! This recycled craft tutorial will walk you through how to create cute, colorful circle cork boards to organize notes, recipes, receipts, homework, or whatever other paper you may have.

  1. To start, we recommend picking up some round cork boards off of amazon. They are relatively cheap and come in a variety of different sizes. For example, this 4-pack of 9x9x0.5 Juvale cork boards are ~$17. Although they are designed for holding hot pots and pans, they can also work great for hanging on your wall.
  2. After you find some appropriately-sized cork boards for whatever you are trying to accomplish, we recommend finding a backing for it. Ideally you want the backing to be something flat and soft-ish so that you can securely mount it to the wall behind your desk. For example, if you have smaller cork boards, you could use wooden coasters. Alternatively, you could find an old log and use slices of that for the packing.
  3. Once you have the backing, feel free to paint them a variety of different colors for that funky, fun look. Finally, you want to securely glue the cork board to the backing using (our personal favorite) Gorilla Super Glue Gel.
  4. Finally, you will probably want to use some command strips to attach the backing to the wall. Don’t forge to finish it off with some funky push pins!

When you’re finished, it should look something like this:



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