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Best Pool Vacuum for Algae

What is the best pool vacuum for algae to buy? It should be a model that removes all the algae from your pool, be affordable, and durable. 

Here are six models that can provide you the three qualities.

Pool Vacuum for Algae

Top Six Pool Vacuum for Algae Reviews

Let’s review the six best vacuum that can get rid of algae from your swimming pool.

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

I like to recommend one kind of the best robotic pool cleaners to pool owners because they make the cleaning job more manageable. That is what you get when you choose this model, and you can set it to clean every day, after one day, or after two days.

One feature I love about this model is the powerful dual scrubbing brushed that attacks debris and dirt on walls and floors. It also has a large filter that collects all the debris and dirt, leaving your pool clean within 120 minutes.

2. XtremePowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum-Generic Climb Wall Pool Cleaner

The first thing I must notify you is that this model comes with 10 hoses that can reach up to 30 feet. That means it is the ideal vacuum for cleaning the walls and bottom of your pool. 

It doesn’t use electricity or needs any tool to set it up. Besides, it has a one-year warranty that covers any defect that might occur during that time.

3. VINGLI Automatic pool Cleaner Inground Suction-Side Vacuum-Generic Climb Wall Pool Sweeper

Here is a high-efficient vacuum that I can recommend to all pool owners who want a product that can get rid of algae. It is easy to set it up and doesn’t produce any noise when cleaning your facility. 

The model comes with a long-term warranty that ensures you continue to use it without worrying about anything. You can have confidence knowing that it gives value for the money.  

4. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

I want to recommend this model to pool owners who want a model that they can drop and go. That is all possible because it is a single button plug system that can remove algae from your swimming pool.

It covers up to 50 feet and has a three years warranty. There are also multifilter options in this cleaner to ensure that your pool is left shinning.

5. Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool Cleaner

It is one of the best auto pool cleaners you can get on the market today and has a SmartTrac programmed steering feature. I love this unit as it moves around and over obstacles to ensure that it covers every inch of your pool.

You can use it to clean vinyl, fiberglass, gunite, and other pools.

6. Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Pentair 360100 is a model that comes with dual-band of bristles to clean your pool thoroughly. You can easily program it to clean your pool from corner to corner without missing a spot. 

It easily cleans up to 10 inches at a go to assure quick cleaning session. The simple design means there are fewer parts to worry about.

Final Verdict 

I have reviewed the best pool vacuum for algae that can keep your pool clean.

If you are having a plan to purchase the best pool vacuum for algae as well as construct a pool for your home at the same time, refer to the best above ground pool and get it right away.

It is time you went out and chose your preferred model.

Book Bead curtain art | Trashy Craft #63 Recycled Craft Tutorial


IMG 6252

I have wanted to make a paper bead curtain for the longest time, but as you can see it takes a crazy amount of time!  I used about 1,000 paper beads to make this one!  It takes me about a minute to make each paper beads, soooo you can do the math, its kinda nuts. It would have been cool to make a longer one for a doorway, or one for actual curtains, but because of time requirements I made a smaller version with 1,000 paper beads.  I rolled every single one of those, there are probably about 25 different books in there, all left over beads that I didn’t have enough to make anything with.

IMG 6227


Paper Beads

glass beads

cord or hemp


wire to hang, I used a recycled coil from a bedspring I broke down

IMG 6226

This was the first half of the book beads I saved up for this project.  It took me about an hour and a half to tie and thread all those suckers onto the hemp cord.  Just tie a knot at the bottom of the hemp place a glass bead at the bottom before stringing on the paper beads, this gives the strand weight so it hangs down nicely.  Then repeat again and again, then tie them onto the wire or wood dowel top you use to hang it…

IMG 6229
IMG 6231
IMG 6232
IMG 6235
IMG 6236
IMG 6237
IMG 6239

This project make take a huge chunk of time, but it looks amazing when it’s done, the organic textured look it gives rocks!  I love that the strands are all a little different in length.  I hung mine in my bedroom by my dresser, it would be fun to make two of them and hang them on either side of the bedroom dressers, or between photo frames, doors or windows!  Imagine one handing from a high celling, lots of cool directions to take this project for sure!

IMG 6251
IMG 6252
IMG 6262

Raising Pool Calcium Hardness: Calcium Hardness Increaser Substitute

Along with total alkalinity and pH, the third most critical determinant of a balanced pool is the dissolved calcium. It is commonly known as water hardness – low calcium levels indicate soft water while high levels are hard water.

Both low and high calcium levels can cause problems in your swimming pool. However, today, we want to look at how you can increase the calcium level.

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Causes of Soft Water

The primary cause of low calcium hardness or soft water is the introduction of water with fewer minerals. 

  • Melted snow or rain – Such water can decrease the level of calcium in your pool if it gets into your swimming pool.
  • Local water source – It often has a low level of calcium compared to the one found in your swimming pool. 

Using Calcium Chloride to Raise Calcium Hardness

One calcium hardness increase substitute you can use is calcium chloride. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Test your swimming pool to determine the level of calcium present. Find out how many parts per million (ppm) you are from enjoying the required calcium hardness.
  2. Add calcium chloride to increase water hardness. Follow the instructions on the label and consider your pool’s size and how much calcium you want to increase to get to the ppm. 
  3. Note the instructions as they often say you shouldn’t dilute the product in water. Thus, spread it close to the water if it comes in powder form or pour it if it is liquid (to the wind).
  4. Add a small amount and then test before you add the rest of calcium chloride. 
  5. Wait for six hours after adding the required amount before you test your pool.

Final Thoughts

You can easily increase the level of calcium in your swimming pool by adding calcium chloride. We have given you a step by step guide on how to go about it.


Skim Doctor vs. Skim A Round: Which One to Buy?

A pool skimmer is an important part of your swimming pool circulation as it functions as a filtration system. Water gets into the skimmer and is cleared of large leaves and debris that can clog your pool’s pump or filter. 

There are different types of skimmers that you can find on the market today, but two types that we have looked at here are the skim doctor and skim around models.

Skim A Round vs. Skimdoctor

You might have the best pool skimmer basket for your pool, but how can you know if to use a skim a round or a skim doctor skimmer. 

Skim Doctor Model

It is a model that creates a vortex that changes your pool’s skimmer to collect more leaves, bugs, hair, and pollen. The model is known to clean a pool 3x faster than other types of skimmers.

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One thing you should note is that the skim doctor has slots in the inner tube. They help to speed up the water flow into your swimming pool skimmer.  

By doing that, the skin doctor’s narrow slots boast the speed of the surface water. The device uses the Bernoulli principle which explains why water flows faster on a narrow surface. 

Some of the major benefits of this skimmer are energy-saving and increased water velocity. It also increases the lifespan of your pool’s pump since you don’t need to run it regularly.

Skim A Round

A skim, a round model, can act as the main or an additional skimmer for your swimming pool. It easily attaches to a vacuum line or the bottom hole of the pool’s skimmer to remove all the leaves and debris from your facility.   

The model comes with small openings that make the water move at a higher velocity to create more suction force. Another thing, a skim around skimmer floats on the surface of the water.


A skim doctor skimmer works with the pool’s skimmer while a skim, a round model, can work as the only skimmer. These devices are effective in removing debris and leaves from your above ground pool or inground pool.