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Skim Doctor vs. Skim A Round: Which One to Buy?

A pool skimmer is an important part of your swimming pool circulation as it functions as a filtration system. Water gets into the skimmer and is cleared of large leaves and debris that can clog your pool’s pump or filter. 

There are different types of skimmers that you can find on the market today, but two types that we have looked at here are the skim doctor and skim around models.

Skim A Round vs. Skimdoctor

You might have the best pool skimmer basket for your pool, but how can you know if to use a skim a round or a skim doctor skimmer. 

Skim Doctor Model

It is a model that creates a vortex that changes your pool’s skimmer to collect more leaves, bugs, hair, and pollen. The model is known to clean a pool 3x faster than other types of skimmers.

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One thing you should note is that the skim doctor has slots in the inner tube. They help to speed up the water flow into your swimming pool skimmer.  

By doing that, the skin doctor’s narrow slots boast the speed of the surface water. The device uses the Bernoulli principle which explains why water flows faster on a narrow surface. 

Some of the major benefits of this skimmer are energy-saving and increased water velocity. It also increases the lifespan of your pool’s pump since you don’t need to run it regularly.

Skim A Round

A skim, a round model, can act as the main or an additional skimmer for your swimming pool. It easily attaches to a vacuum line or the bottom hole of the pool’s skimmer to remove all the leaves and debris from your facility.   

The model comes with small openings that make the water move at a higher velocity to create more suction force. Another thing, a skim around skimmer floats on the surface of the water.


A skim doctor skimmer works with the pool’s skimmer while a skim, a round model, can work as the only skimmer. These devices are effective in removing debris and leaves from your above ground pool or inground pool.

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