Zombie Babies

Zombie Babies

 Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope all have a spoctactular night with family, tonight we are featuring a fantastic recycled artist that have a very creative way to repurpose old baby dolls! Meet Daniel from Etsy shop Zombabiez


Meet Daniel…

“Underneath a stack of old toys at a yard sale or on a shelf at a thrift store, lay abandoned baby dolls that are tossed aside, used, abused and no longer wanted or loved. Then a magic man or some say mad man comes along and gives them a new beginning, a re-birth. During their meticulous transformation, under layers of paint, their new personalities are slowly revealed. Teeth start to appear, eyes go black as the night or shine white as the moon. The skin turns pale and rotten and black goo seeps from their nose, mouth and ears. A new hunger rumbles in their bellies for the taste of brains. The re-birth virus has been completed and they are now no longer forsaken bodies of plastic. They are now ankle biting, creepy-cute, crawling dead ZombabieZ! Upon becoming a ZombabieZ they are given a suitable name, place of origin and a short bio. Each ZombabieZ is hand painted, numbered and signed by the artist and comes with a re-birth certificate. Adoptions are now open!”

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When did you first get into crafting, was it in childhood or later in life, and what types of crafting do you focus on currently?

When I realized I was an artist in EVERY aspect of my life was the moment I realized I didn’t need approval of or to sale my art to actually be an artist (although when it happens it feels really good). My creativity manifests itself in all I do wether it’s cooking, gardening, designing, writing or painting. My creativity comes to me as easily as it is to breathe. My only regret is I never will have enough time to execute all the creativity I have inside me. I am currently focusing my creativity on recycled, redesigned and reinvented dolls, furniture and house hold goods.

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Do you listen to music, podcasts, television or movies while you work on your crafts, if so can you give us a few of the artists, songs, shows, movies or podcast names you enjoy?

Spending 8-10 hours a day alone creating can be exhausting and lonely. I remedy these challenges by listening to music and news radio. I thoroughly enjoy listening to NPR and Ted Talks while I’m constructing my art pieces. It’s the one time I feel I can use both sides of my brain in harmony. I can focus on my art while keeping up with the world, all at he same time.

Do you sell online only, or do you consign at local shops and sell at fairs and craft shows?

My art is currently for sale on www.etsy.com under my Zombabiez shop. I show case my art at “First Fridays”www.oaklandfirstfridays.org in Oakland California. I will also be showing my art in San Francisco, California for RAW: natural born artist www.rawartists/zombabiez.org in late October.

  Are there any crafters, artists or bloggers that you look up to, or ones that have inspired you throughout your journey?

Although I do not lookup to any one artist I can easily be inspired by most. I of course was not the first to paint dolls into Zombies, decoupage furniture or reinvent house hold items. I take the inspiration I feel from other artists and turn that inspiration into my own art.

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  Why do you think eco friendly and recycled crafts is so important?

My business goal is to consume less and be as green as possible, so I take great pride in reusing as much as I can with all my projects. I will only buy paints, adhesives, concealers and decorative elements new. One of my favorite things is to go hunting at yard sales and thrift stores for objects I can redesign and turn into something practical and beautiful.

 What is your favorite thing to make?

I am currently excited about all the future items I’m creating for my business. In a few short weeks I’ll have a new line of candle accessories, wall art, Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas stockings repurposed from recycled afghans.

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 Do You have any advice for recycled crafters that are dreaming of selling their creations?

The biggest piece of advice I would give to a crafter, blogger or designer just starting out would be to have patients above everything else and the moment you no longer enjoy what your creating move onto something else. The one online resource I couldn’t live without would be the “free” section on Craig’s list.

 Be Sure to Check out Daniels Shop Zombabies! 


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