Wooden Jewelry Dish | Trashy Craft #59 Recycled Craft Tutorial

Wooden Jewelry Dish | Trashy Craft #59 Recycled Craft Tutorial

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Jewelry dishes are awesome, if you are like me and wear earrings, rings and bracelets, you know how often you get into bed and forget to take off your stuff, so having a dish on your bedroom dresser rocks, so you can just put it in there instead of crawling out of bed.

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Wooden Dish

Sewing Tissue Paper



Mod Podge

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Cut out the sewing pattern tissue paper close to the size of the dish, but leave it a little bigger so it fits perfectly.  Place mod podge onto the dish and very carefully press it into the corners, be very carful, tissue gets ripped so easy!

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IMG 9783

Wait for the tissue to dry in the dish, and then carefully place two coats of mod podge onto it, letting it dry in between, and then place the bird into the dish.

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IMG 9785

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