Where Trashy Crafter Recycled Book Paper Bead Jewelry Magic Happens

Where Trashy Crafter Recycled Book Paper Bead Jewelry Magic Happens

I might only live in a one bedroom apartment, but I sure do love working at my bedroom desk, it’s my happy place.  These is where I spend upwards of 5 hours each days working on making my dream come true and sharing my love with the world for recycled crafts.  Typically I wake up at 4am each morning and work on my blog, ship out new orders, coat or cut new book beads for bracelets or come up with new creations.  Then I go to my day job from 9 or 10am to 6pm, come home and have dinner with Dave and hang out some, then go right back to working on new beads.  The weekends are a tad different with some fishing, family dinners, long walks, or chores come in, but I know all of my handwork and passion will pay off in the long run and I praise God for all of the blessings I have.  I thought it would be fun to share my work space with you all so you can see where all of the jewelry is imagined and created 🙂




























This is my file cabinet where I keep all of the damaged books organized… well somewhat organized.  The colorful nutcracker is Sr. Nutz…. he was a holiday gift  my Aunt was going to throw out, I wanted to make him a year round nut cracker 🙂trashy-crafter-recycled-paper-book-bead-jewelry-studio


























Once I get a book I put it in a recycled zip lock back, I reused them again and again and again… I put the book in a bag and then in a file so I can keep the strips with the book, especially for the novels, they all start to look the same, this way I remember what book it was from.  The Children’s books I can pretty much always memorize what came from what just because of the colors and how long it takes to roll them all haha!



























This is my desk, I have all my tools, paint brushes, and inspiration board.  It has a picture of a dog… I really really want a dog, but at the moment live in an apartment that doesn’t allow them, so I work really hard so I can save up enough money to move and get a dog…. the house is my dream house, a cottage style home with a beautiful garden, the map of New Zealand is because my best friend moved to New Zealand and one day I will go visit her and her fiancé, the middle is a green smoothie to inspire me to be healthy and the top is a bread bakery, my boyfriend Dave and I will own a small artisan bakery and art studio one day… The reason I say we will for all my goals is because I deeply believe with handwork, prayer and patients every dream can become a reality, as long as it fits Gods Will 🙂



























This stuff has a lot of meaning to me…. The quote is something that is really inspiring to me, I like to look at it each day,  I made the circle cork boards, and actually have a tutorial here if you want to check it out, I LOVE them and use them all the time! My little green owl I got at a craft show, there was a mother daughter duo that sews them from old sweaters and I am a HUGE owl fanatic for some reason….

The picture is of my loving boyfriend Dave, it was one of our first camping trips together in Big Bear, we just finished cooking lunch, egg plant sandwiches… yumm. The Cup holding my pens is a cup Dave painted for me a few Valentines Days back <3 and the little quote weight in the middle is from my Dad, it says “Most Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy” I have had that since high school…. I guess you could say I am a huge quote fanatic too!



























This is my attempt to stay organized, I have soooo many different bracelet sets, earrings and necklaces, this is my system, and behind it is my other inspiration kid bed spring board 🙂trashy crafter art studio

























These are my recycled beads, organized as best I can, since they are repurposed each time I got to the swap meet I never know what I’m coming back with, adding to it and organizing it can be real tricky some times!recycled beads


























My repurposed beads… since childhood I have  always had a fascination with beads, I think I deeply enjoy the colors, textures and shapes, it never gets old for me, I get as excited about it toady as I did when I was 7 🙂recycled beads


























I am a little low right now in this pic, I have been doing lots of craft shows and need to stock back up and get to making more of the beads, but this is how I organize the beads by book I label it onto and try to keep the book in one roll or area so it’s easy to find them.recycled paper beads


























Here are some Dr. Seuss Fox in Socks beads… I LOVE how each book looks soooo different <3recycled paper beads made from old books


























This is probably the least sexy of my craft making area, these are where I store my craft show supplies and set up displays, my shipping stuff and artwork.craft closet

























This dresser was upcycled, I decoupaged maps, word search puzzles my grandma finished, sewing paper and dictionary paper on it, love how it turned out…. On top is my first stuffed animal, she is the only stuffed animal I kept, she was my best friend, her name.. Miss Bunny….. I could not go to sleep without her she is still my pal, one day I want to have a rocking chair made for her 🙂  The artwork hanging up… My sister made the cowgirl art for me and I took the photo of the plant pod above it. The Mat…. that’s a big tool for me, I use that to kneel one while I do all of my product photography, love that thing my knees would kill me without it!

IMG 3794



























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