Top 10 Ways To Create A Beautiful Apartment Garden | Recycled Vintage Decor for a Peaceful Patio


If you are at all like me and are one of the many people in America that find themselves living in an apartment rather than a home, it’s easy to understand the frustration  apartment gardeners can have.  I moved into a 600 sq foot apartment about a year ago, my huge requirement was that I had a patio (just because I moved into an apartment doesn’t mean I am just going to stop gardening!) My garden was a years worth of work and is still in progress.  I wanted my garden to feel like a peaceful  colorful and artistic oasis that I could look out at from my living room.

Check out these Top 10 ideas for getting you inspired to turn your patio garden into a peaceful oasis. 


1. Have a theme : Have a base of inspiration for your style, mine is artistic, colorful and organic.  I find random items from thrift stores and or alley trash cans and paint or alter them as decor for the garden.  Pick a theme, ocean, shabby chic, country, etc. and go with it. Add items at you find them.


2. Objects : Add items to your garden for interest, color and texture.  Items can be anything from an old wooden frame that you paint with fun colors, to an old cologne airplane bottle you found at your local thrift store for 50 cents!  If you theme is beach, use shells, if it’s shabby chic use tea pots…


3. Statues/Sculptures : Gnomes, fairies, buddha, bunnies, frogs, whatever you like best tiny creature statues and sculptures are fun.  You can always mix and match and move them around to change the interest in the garden.


4. Pot Variety : Having a variety of pots in many different shapes, sizes colors and patterns gives not only the plants a fun expression, it comes together in a symphony of interesting patterns for the eyes as it looks at the garden.


5.  Fountains : Adding a fountain is always a great way to complete the experience  you will have sight sounds and smell.  It does not have to be big, expensive or fancy.  Even just turning a pot you love into a small inexpensive fountain can really create a peaceful patio!


6. Message Rocks : Rocks are free and plentiful  grab some from the beach or local park and have fun painting, write herb or flower names, quotes or even draw images onto the rocks and place them throughout the garden in pots.


7. Herbs : Having herbs in your garden is a wonderful way to connect with your plants.  Not only does it save some money by growing your own, you have the joy of going out and clipping some when you need them for a recipe in the kitchen.  Not to mention when you have visitors it’s fun to give them some clippings to take home and use in their own kitchen!


8. Birds : Having birds hanging out in your patio rocks!  Every morning I head out to the patio first thing and feed them, I get visits from about 10-15 birds first thing in the morning, and through out the day they come back for visits.  I just found some old plastic measuring cups and nailed them to the fence, that way multiple birds can eat at one time.


9.  Plant labels : There are so many adorable ways to label your plants.  You can do it with rocks, sticks, plaques.. etc.  I label mine with old spoons I write on them with a sharpie, they looks really nice and are easy to read and don’t take too much space either.


10. Plant Variety : If you are into gardening and have friends and family that are, why not grab some clippings from them and start a garden full of variety.  By having a huge variety of plants you create colorful interest that changes each season!

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