Top 10 Recycled Photo Frame Ideas

Top 10 Recycled Photo Frame Ideas

Why go out and buy a boring run of the mill picture frame at the store when you can get an out of this world picture frame?  Everything from wooden hangers, books, salt shakers and even a TV?  These unique ideas will get you inspired to start framing all of those special memories you have had laying around your house! 



1. You can use old wooden hangers, this would look beautiful on an entire wall! 

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                                                         2. What about using a vintage book as a frame, the older books have such beautiful covers…

Il 570xN 564399528 coiq 3. I have done this before, it’s really easy and so unique, all you need is a salt or pepper shaker

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                                                                                                                        4. A Racket Press perhaps? 

Il 570xN 545479925 37zt 4. Recycled distressed wood frame…

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                                                                                          6. Love bike riding, how about a bike chain frame? 

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                                                                                          7. Are You a foodie?  How about a fork photo holder… 

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                                                                                                          8. Well this is just cute as a button!

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                                                                                                      9. Soda Can Frame, super unique.

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                                                                                      10. An old TV turned picture frame, way cool! 

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