Summer Kick Off Sales This Weekend Only 15% off Shop Wide

Summer Kick Off Sales This Weekend Only 15% off Shop Wide



This weekend we are having our summer kick off sale in our shop so be sure to swing by.  We have a really great variety of items for you to choose from, and lots of beautiful blue jewelry in shades of teal, indigo, denim blue and baby blue, great for a picnic at the park or a walk on the beach….


Multi Colored Recycled Sheet Music Bracelet Set 

denim blue earrings

Denim Blue Recycled Book Bead Earrings

light green and tan paper bead bracelet

Pastel Colored Recycled Paper Bead Bracelet Set

light pink recycled earrings

Light Pink Recycled Sheet Music Earrings 

earthy recycled paper bead bracelet set

Earthy Recycled Paper Bead Bracelet Set

teal recycled sheet music earrings

Teal Recycled Sheet Music Earrings  

natural paper bead bracelet set

Natural Paper Bead Bracelet Set 

brown paper bead earrings

Recycled Brown Paper Bead Earrings

cinderella paper bead bracelet set

Cinderella Paper Bead Bracelet Set 

gold paper bead earring set

Gold Paper Bead Earring Set 


Olive Green and Blue Bracelet Set