Skateboard Turned Stool, it’s Possible at Deckstool | Recycled Crafter Interview #1

Skateboard Turned Stool, it’s Possible at Deckstool | Recycled Crafter Interview #1


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The world is full of amazing recycled artist, and often times the only opportunity we get is to see them on etsy or an occasional craft show, each week on Trashy Crafter, we are going to feature a new fantastic recycled artist.  This week we are featuring Deckstool, these guys are amazing, they turn old skateboards into breathtaking stools, tables, benches and more!  You can even send in your own used board and get a custom piece of work made, read on the learn more about the two talented artists that make Deckstools. 

Tell us a little about yourself….

 The Deckstool began when my brother Adam handed me a pile of his old, broken skateboard decks and asked me to turn them into a piece of furniture. Looking at the decks, I was inspired by the consistent way they were broken. The longer “broken at the truck” decks seemed to be natural legs for the design and the smaller “broken in half” decks looked like they would make a good seat. After playing with these basic components for a while and incorporating an old skateboard truck to tie the pieces together, a mutant, proto-deckstool appeared. After many more broken skateboards and progressively more refined stool prototypes, the current deckstool was born.

 When did you first get into crafting, was it in childhood or later in life, and what types of crafting do you focus on currently?

 I have always been into making stuff. As a kid I built things with legos and lincoln logs, etc. and always loved drawing. I just kind of carried on creating things and evolving as I gained skills with different methods and materials. I went to school for industrial design and I like to think of how something might be manufactured and made in larger quantities. 

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 Do you listen to music, podcasts, television or movies while you work on your crafts, if so can you give us a few of the artists, songs, shows, movies or podcast names you enjoy?

  I listen to NPR and local college radio alot. I love Fresh Air on NPR.

Are there any crafters, artists or bloggers that you look up to, or ones that have inspired you throughout your journey?

I worked for furniture designer Richard Schultz after graduation. The experience of working with him and for his company is a constant inspiration.

 Do you sell your items exclusively online or do you also sell at craft shows, and consign or wholesale to stores?

 We sell online and sell wholesale to shops, other websites, etc. 

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  What were the major steps you took toward creating a successful eco friendly craft business? 

Developing our recycling program (still a work in progress!) was key. Having a steady, reliable supply of broken skateboards is/was very important in being able to scale up our business, design new products, and meet demand worldwide.

What are you currently most excited about in your craft business right now? 

I am always most excited about new products and ideas. Unfortunately with the day to day demands of running the business and producing our current products, I often don’t get to focus on new products as much as I need too.

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What is the one biggest piece of advice you could give a crafter, blogger or designer just starting out, and what is one online resource you couldn’t live without?
Keep improving every aspect of your business, never stop! I am sure I can live without them, but I often find myself using Metric to English converters to translate units of measurement. Google translate is up there too.
Check out Deckstool online, here are all of their site links:

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