Recycled Plates Turned Bling: Juliet Ames and The Broken Plate Pendant Co.

Recycled Plates Turned Bling: Juliet Ames and The Broken Plate Pendant Co.

broken china co

Broken Plate Co.

1.  When did you first get into crafting and art?  Do you typically work with the same mediums?

I’ve always been creative. I played with playdoh and legos as a kid and struggled to find my medium as an adult. I initially went to college for photography, but, one I realized that all of my darkroom skills would really be going to waste with the digital technology, I switched to “Interdisciplinary Craft” where I focused on jewelry making and stained glass.

broken plate co

2.  What is the story and inspiration behind your work? What do you do when you get a creative block, how do you get inspired again?

I started breaking plates initially to make a mosaic mail box. I had been collecting crazy plates from thrift stores for no real reason before that. When the mosaic was done, I had a stack of plate scraps that I couldn’t bare to throw away, so I made a necklace and started wearing it. I instantly started getting orders. I was talked into participating in my first craft show 2 months later, and the rest is history.  When I get a creative block, I usually hit up a thrift store for new plates or buy myself a new tool.

3.  When you make your art do you typically listen to music, watch movies, listen to podcasts etc.? 

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Mostly This American Life, Radio Lab and StoryCorps. When I need more motivation, I turn to my trusty Pandora station which is basically a mix of Adele, The Beatles and 90s Hip Hop.

broken plate co

4. What are the top three pieces of advice you would give to a struggling artist that wants to grow their fan base and successfully sell their artwork?

Use social media daily and Take interesting photos.

broken plate co

5.  What do you like to do for fun when your not making art? What is the one things people would be shocked to know about you?

When I am not making art, I am usually cooking. I think people would be shocked to know how much time I spend reading reading recipes.


 6.  Who are some artists, bloggers or designers you look up to in the Eco Friendly community?

I’m a huge fan (and friend) Of Shannon of Sweet Pepita She’s majorly talented and passionate about er Eco Friendly line for kids.

broken plate co

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