Recycled Computer Hard Drive Disk Mirror | Trashy Craft #37 Recycled Craft Tutorial

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My Dad gave me a bunch of old broken hard drive disks years ago, I had no idea what to do with them…. I sat myself down today and set them in front of me and forced myself to think of something…. I was going for a mobile, then I decided to turn it into a mirror, since they are so reflective… I just had to clean them really well after I finished it.  I used old wire hangers and embroidery thread for hanging each disk.  

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Get one hanger piece the size you like and curl the ends with pliers, this is where the disks will hang, aside the center section. For the thread I used different thicknesses, some I doubled for hanging, others I had four pieces of thread… you can do whatever you like best. 

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The trick is to tie the thread onto each disk first with a knot, then tie it to the next with a knot.  This way each disk has its own knot and it will be stable and sturdy enough to hold the disks, they can get heavy. 

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For the hanger, I tied thread on and wrapped half and tied it to get it some color. Then tie your center stand of disks on.  And place the end strands on either side… and if you need to use strong fishing line on ends to hang it. They are pretty darn reflective… it gives the room a cool look thats modern… you could so the thread all the same color, I like funky different colors though!

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