Recycled Cardboard Cross Sunday School Project | Trashy Craft Recycled Tutorial # 24

Recycled Cardboard Cross Sunday School Project | Trashy Craft Recycled Tutorial # 24

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I have been a Baptist Christian since childhood, and had never had a cross hanging in my home, mainly because most that I find are either really fancy and not my style or they are really drab, I like bright vibrant and colorful.  When I go dumpster diving I find hundreds of damaged bibles being thrown out, they are usually missing bunch of pages or have tons of highlights in them.  I rescue them before they go to the landfill and used them to make this beautiful cross… it’s made out 100% trash!  Cardboard, bible pages and a recycled twist tie.

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Cut your cross, whatever size you want…. and then trace with a pencil random squares and rectangles, thing stained glass style.  Then use your hot glue gun and go over the pencil, no need to erase it, you won’t see it.

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Since my boyfriend Dave is a baker, he gets items from the bulk bin at the local grocery store for bread…. this is one of the many I save for crafts, you can use bread twist ties too… we never get them though because he bakes fresh bread for our home <3 you can also use them from electronics as well… this will be glued on back to hang your cross.

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For my size cross I needed two full pages of the bible and one cut in half, not coat the cross, both cardboard and hot glue with mod podes and gently press down the pages into the cardboard and glue grooves, be patient and go slow so it does not rip.

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The flip it over and tuck the edges to the back so the sides are clean… mod podge the backs down…

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Last choose a color of paint and outline all the glue that is popped up…. and place a coat of mod podge on top once the paint is dry… then spray a few layers of matte or gloss finish.

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