Piano Turned Planter For My Patio

Piano Turned Planter For My Patio

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I know I’m way over due for giving you all a garden update (the last I did was 10 ways to create a beautiful apartment patio garden)… So here it is…. this San Diego summer was pretty brutal, it killed majority of my plants, they couldn’t handle the heat, but those who did overcome the heat wave look beautiful!  I am noticing that I am totally a succulent person, I think it’s awesome how you can work with them so easily, and transplant them into junk to make a unique statement in any size garden, even an apartment patio!  A dear friend of my found this beautiful mini organ piano in the dumpster near her home, she brought it my way to repurpose, and it turned out even better than I had imagined!  Thanks Jesenia!

Recycled garden apartment patio potted plant 1

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I don’t think I have got any new statues, gnomes, birds or junk since the last photoshoot this past spring, I just rearranged a little… I did get a few new succulents since, which are below… I also got another fun plant from my friend Jesenia, the beautiful leafy guy below, I thought it looked like flowing water, so I placed my mini washing board atop it 🙂

Recycled garden apartment patio potted plant 2

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Gardening runs in the family, my grandpa was a gardener, and my mom is also fantastic… they both passed it down to me.  My mom started this beautiful Madagascar jasmin from seed!!!  He has gotten very big, I finally got around to giving it a trellis, the leaves are so thick and such a deep green. The large stack of crates are my worms, I am a HUGE vericomposting fan… you should totally get into doing it, great organic fertilizer for your plants, sends less waste to the landfill, and it fun!!!

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I recently got into growing sweet potato vines…. super cheap, super pretty and super easy!!!!!!  That’s about it for the garden tour, until next time keep on growing that green thumb and make those small apartment patios beautiful with plants and junk!

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