Oval Frame Scrapbook Page Art | Trashy Craft Recycled Craft Tutorial #45

IMG 8332

I can’t tell you how many times I find really old cardboard art framed in cool oval or unique frames at the thrift store.  This one I just had to get, the cardboard the image is printed on it very heavy duty, I had to unscrew the back! All you need is a frame that you can easily take out the art and replace, and some scrap book pieces, I had some left lover long pieces, do make sure that the strips are long enough for your art front.

IMG 8335

IMG 8336

It’s totally ok if they are not long enough on the canvas, as long as when you place the frame over it, it’s covered… then you are a ok! Be sure to let the paper dry after placing them on with mod podge, then give them a few top coats for protection.

IMG 8337

IMG 8338

IMG 8349

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