Old Table Top Turned Art | Trashy Craft #49

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After parking my truck yesterday I was walking through the Alley and found this beauty. She needed some love, a sanding job and cleaning, and then she was ready to be turned into something awesome!  I wanted something modern and simple looking, so I used word search pieces puzzle paper, sheet music and maps to decoupage it. I am guessing it used to be the top of a small patio table….

IMG 9558

IMG 9563


Old Wooden Small Table Top

Different books, sheet music or other types of paper

Paint brush

Mod Podge

Clear Matte Spray


Flattener for pushing out air bubbles


IMG 9565

IMG 9561

Use sandpaper to get rid of the texture, and smooth it out best you can.

IMG 9567

Then cut your paper into strips, try to get a close to the size as possible, so sanding the edges later is easier.

IMG 9570

Then lay a small layer of mod podge onto the wood strip one at a time place the paper on and smoothing it out for air bubbles.

IMG 9571

IMG 9573

I made a pattern with my paper, you can do it however you like, you could in fact do all one paper if you wanted to.

IMG 9575

Be sure to paint about three layers of mod podge on top of the strips to seal it, then be sure to spray it with matte finish once it is totally dry.

IMG 9579

IMG 9581

IMG 9585

IMG 9584


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