New Books I Grabbed At the Thrift Store This Weekend

New Books I Grabbed At the Thrift Store This Weekend

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing great!  This past weekend I didn’t have a craft show so I got to head out to the the thrift stores, which was awesome fun.  I thought I would check out the books to see if there were any really old or damaged books that I could take and turn into beads.  At my last few shows I have had tons of people asking that I start going classic novels instead of just children books. So I am happy to announce along with some great kid books, I grabbed lots of classic novels… a lot of the books were written in, falling apart or had damaged cover.  All of these books were on the last chance clearance shelf because no one was buying them and they had been there forever.  The lady at checkout asked me what I was doing with them, I love sharing the excitement of recycled crafting 🙂 Which one should I start with??? I am so excited!!!

Pride and Prejudice


























Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin the pages were falling out and some where missing from the book.

oliver twist


























I almost didn’t pick up this Oliver Twist book, it looks new!!! but the entire inside is printed upside down and has a bunch of the novel missing… probably was a rejected book from the publisher?

IMG 3593


























I wonder if this book was a teacher reference it had tons of written notes within it and lots of sticky notes, cool history behind it and lots of love.

to kill a mocking bird


























This book was for sure a teacher or student book, maybe an english major…. tons of sticky notes, you can see them all my goodness haha!

gone with the wind


























This book was pretty old, all the the pages were yellow and starting to fall out.



























I LOVE this book, it’s such a classic.  Looks like it was a book from a student lots of underlining on these pages.



























This book got lots of love from readers… looks like it was passed down to lots of people.  Had some food stains and even a few receipts from cafes 🙂

IMG 3600


























I think the condition of this book speaks for itself lol, its got some use!



























Never thought about Shakespeare!!! But I found these two, lots of notes within the book and some pages were missing.




























IMG 3603


























May not yet be considered a classic, but a great book non the less, got a lot of use.

treasure island


























Treasure Island oh yeahhhh!

IMG 3607


























Hans Christian Anderson, pretty darn cool, pages were falling out like crazy!

IMG 3609


























Never thought of this ever… but thought it would be a super fun gift for expecting mothers!!!!

IMG 3608


























I had done this book a while back, and found it again, couldn’t resist… it was scribbled in with pen, the kid had marked where they found waldo among other things haha!

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