Mini Storage Drawers | Trashy Craft #50 Recycled Craft Tutorial

IKEA Drawers tutorial

I found this small IKEA wooden storage drawer stand a few years ago at a thrift store for $4… I had to get it, it was perfect for organizing pens, pencils and other office stuff at my home office desk.  For years I have wanted to decorate it, but how?  I guess you could say yesterdays craft inspired me for todays craft, I like how the simplicity of the different recycled papers gives it an interesting, but clean look that I love. 

IMG 9598


Mini Drawers

Mod Podge

Paint Brush




Paint Pallet

Sheets from books or maps etc.

IMG 9600

I pulled out the drawers, I did not want to do the whole thing, it would be far to busy the little room it was going in, so just the fronts of the drawers were what I did. 

IMG 9601

Cut out the paper for each drawer, you can have some hangover and sand it off later, your drawer paper may be determined by the size of the sheet, however you could add on to it if you wanted to. 

IMG 9605

Cover mod podge onto the drawer and then place the sheet down being sure to press out those air bubbles. 

IMG 9608

IMG 9613

I then sanded the edges and mod podge two more layers to the tops of the paper on each drawer, then sprayed a matte finish. Enjoy using them, and they will not longer be an ugly eye sore in my room, I am one of those people that needs everything decorated, everything has to have a sticker or be decoupaged lmao.

IMG 9616

IMG 9626

IMG 9634

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