Mini Bathroom Shelves | Trashy Craft Recycled Tutorial #41

Mini Bathroom Shelves | Trashy Craft Recycled Tutorial #41

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In my bathroom, I have always had issues with the wall decor, I have had my eyes peeled when at the thrift store.  For the past few months I have been trying to find small shelves for the wall in our bathroom.  We live in a small apartment, and so I needed to find small shelves that would fit in well.  My theme for my bathroom reflects around my shower curtain… I got it at Target a while ago, I know full well its a children’s shower curtain, but I love owls, trees and the outdoors, so it’s a lovely curtain that is totally perfect.  I wanted the shelves colors to match that of the curtain, I used some old brown paper bag pieces to cover the top, sides and front before painting it so it would give some texture.  I then used tape to accent paint the top of the shelves.

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IMG 8150

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