Meet Donna, Our Trashy Crafter Fan Of The Week

Meet Donna, Our Trashy Crafter Fan Of The Week



Donna is this weeks Trashy Crafter Fan of the week, she is a part time librarian that finds so much joy in helping patrons find the perfect read! Her husband had gotten her some earrings and later a bracelet set.  Donna works at a historic library in the village of Wakefiled, NH. 

What Was Your Favorite Children’s Book Growing Up?

My favorite children’s book growing up was Harry The Dirty Dog. I remember going to the school library and reading all of those books. I loved the little dog and all his adventures. As I hit the teenage years I read all the Judy Blume books. After school I would sit on my bed with the sun shining through the window and read my book.

What Was Your Favorite Memory of Reading a Book?

My favorite memory of reading a book was at night when I read my two children to sleep. Brian and Kendra loved Goosebumps and Harry Potter. Every night I would sit down and read them one of the stories til they fell asleep.

Where Is A Place You Most Enjoy Reading?

I love to read my favorite mysteries on the couch with my cats sitting by me. I have four cats who are quite content while I am reading. Tess Gerritsen is an author I highly recommend.

What Do You Like To Do For Fun?

While I have free time I love to kayak, camp, take long walks even in the snow. I also love to cook and bake. Spend time with the cats.

favorite books

Why Do You Think Reading and Stories Are So Important?

Books and story telling brings parents and children closer together. Its like going on an adventure through the stories. Even though we traveled a lot with our kids, books were always fun to read. One of the favorites during Thanksgiving week “Thanksgiving At The Tappletons” The book starts out with a turkey sliding out the door and in to the pond. The story gets funnier each page. We would do the cooking at our home so this book was perfect.


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