Meet Becca of Wear Love Now, She Gives Clothing A Beautiful New Life

Meet Becca of Wear Love Now, She Gives Clothing A Beautiful New Life


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Meet Becca of Wear Love Now and get to know her a bit…

My passion for creating eco friendly fashion is rooted in my own attempts to express my indie style on the outside. Frustrated by high prices, cookie cutter fashion, waste and assembly line practices, I began creating my own upcycled designs to wear myself. I’ve always loved fashion, but I believe a woman’s beauty is far more than the clothes she wears. So the more I grew to express my individual style on the outside, the more I wanted to be clothed with grace, compassion and patience on the inside. 

It was in this stage of life that a favorite quote in the Bible became so meaningful to me: “Regardless of what else you put on, WEAR LOVE.” My shop’s name came easily from this quote. And I try each day, no matter the clothes I choose from my closet, to put on love.

I’m currently a stay at home mom to four awesome kids! As a busy mom I struggle with feeling fashionable while needing to be practical…I don’t think I’m alone in this balancing act. Art, function, budget and comfort are all very important in my green line of clothes. I understand wanting to be comfortable, fashionable and unique and yet needing affordable, wash and wear clothes.


When did you first get into crafts, and have you always been into recycled/upcycled crafts?

Creating has always been a part of my life…just in different forms. In my younger years it was music, then free lance writing, after that pottery and watercolor painting. But, it was after having my 4 kids that recycling and upcycling became integrated into my daily life and became my favorite way to create/recreate.

What is the story and inspiration behind your work? What do you do when you get a creative block, how do you get inspired again?

I have always loved fashion but, couldn’t figure how it could fit into life with my limited budget and my heart that believed inner character trumped outward appearance. I wanted to wear Love and share Love. Upcycling clothes and selling on Etsy was a way I could integrate so much that was important to me and also offer fun, feminine eco fashion. I don’t have too many creative blocks in my life right now…our family life is full of outdoor recreation, reading, laughter and love…so that naturally fuels my creative time that is pocketed inbetween all that happens in my days. But, when I do get stuck I find stepping away from a project and doing something that fuels my heart readies me to jump back in.

recycled clothing

When did you first get into crafting and art?  Do you typically work with the same mediums?

honed my sewing and upcycling skills a few years ago during a rough health crisis of our youngest daughter. She has a progressive neurological disorder. Creating is wonderful for my heart and hands and working from home gives me flexibility for her needs and those of our other kids.

What project are you most proud of ever making?

I don’t have one in particular, but, there have been a few that I’ve taken a high risk with the cutting and material combination. The higher the risk, the higher the satisfaction I’ve found. My projects are so fulfilling as I LOVE making new designs from the discarded items found…it’s a very redemptive process….and something that resonates with my soul.

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What do you like to do for fun when your not making art? What is the one things people would be shocked to know about you?

I love strong coffee, early mornings, good books, authentic conversations, walks, runs, bikerides with my husband, laughing with my kids and music that fuels my heart and faith. I grew up on a lake and it may surprise some that I adore a good skinny dip at night under the stars. 

Who are some artists, bloggers or designers you look up to in the Eco Friendly community?

The Etsy community is one of the most inspiring places for me…I am constantly finding people I admire for their art, hearts and purposes/repurposes. Outside of Etsy, I love Jessica Moore’s (Little Grey Line) designs. She also combines heartfelt purposes with her upcycled designs using recycled men’s shirts. TOMS shoes is a company that has my complete admiration. Blake Mycoskie’s model for generating world relief and stewardship in business is outstanding. 

recycled clothing

Why do you think the Eco-Friendly, Recycled, Upcycled Movement is so important? What is your one best tip for a small change anyone can make in their life to be kinder to the environment?

Good stewardship is so important to me because of my faith; whether with money, time, the earth or any other resource. My world view was impacted greatly when I traveled to Honduras a few times and built a farming school, water system and did other relief jobs. You realize how important it is to live resourcefully so others can have resources that are the basics in daily life. As far as what small things make a big difference. My kids are wonderful inspirations to me. They have taught me to carry a bag and pick up litter on our walks, recycle anything that can be reused, compost waste for our garden (I’m working on this one), and ‘make do’…don’t always buy new when something can be repaired, cleaned up or reused. Little things can make a big difference. 

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