Jean Pocket Holder | Trashy Craft #51 Recycled Craft Tutorial

Jean pocket

I don’t know about you but I use the heck out of dry erase boards, but I can never find the pens, I always wanted an easy way to hang the pens near the board.  Here was my solution, I took my old pair of jeans that ripped and used them to create a jean pocket for my pens. 

IMG 9642


Old book cover

glue gun

Old pair of jeans


permanent marker 

IMG 9644

Place the jeans over the book cover to make sure its big enough, then trace and cut it out, and hot glue the edges.  It will be pretty light weight when done, I am holding mine up on my door with shipping tape, and now no more lost pens! 

IMG 9645

IMG 9647

IMG 9654




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