Goorin Hat Dresser | Trashy Craft #39 Recycled Craft Idea

Goorin Hat Dresser | Trashy Craft #39 Recycled Craft Idea

Goorin hat recycled craft dresser tutorial trashy crafter

Those of you who know me have long known my obsession with hats… I fondly remember my very first hat. I was at the mall with my Mom and Dad, I believe it was Macy’s and there was a children’s hat clearance section, I saw this awesome looking blue and black peanuts hat, you know charlie brown and snoopy.  I wore that hat into the ground, my next hat was a brown newsboy hat I wore in elementary school, we weren’t allowed to wear hats in doors (which was lame) so she sat on my desk until lunch time, where I proudly sported my hat while playing tether ball after lunch, (the benefits of being a tall kid at a young age haha) Anywho, I have that hat to this day and wear it, but since college I have been obsessed with Goorin hats! I first found them when I was driving through L.A I got my first few hats.. you can tell by the photos below which were the first few. I was beyond excited to hear they were finally opening a store in my home town of San Diego…. needless to say, the Goorin hat shop is my happy place, I think I have always loved hats because I was always overweight as a child, and well hats for the most part always fit unlike pants, shirts and jackets… and it’s the best accessory and a way to show off your personality. In April for my birthday I got a few new hats for birthday gifts, and they had this awesome new tissue paper they wrap your hats it… throw that beautiful piece of tissue are away? Heck no! So I saved them and turned it into the decoration for my dresser in my bedroom, and also decoupage it onto a piece of wood from the trash for my living-room.

IMG 8077

IMG 8080

I was always that kid in kindergarden that loved show and tell…. my teacher had to tell me time and again I only got to share once a week, not everyday.  But this is my blog so I can show and tell all I want… omg ok so thats my Goorin dresser…. my Goorin wood art in my living room, on the wall with all the frames, there is my first Goorin postcard from my visit in LA and lastly my lovely recycled hat hanger… its an old doorknob I hang my hat on, a good friend of mine made it for me 🙂

IMG 8115

IMG 8113

IMG 8118

IMG 8074

IMG 8082

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