Delicious Fall Colored Bracelets Are Here

Delicious Fall Colored Bracelets Are Here

Autumn recycled paper bead bracelets


(Handmade recycled paper book bead bracelets made from “Desert Giant, The world of the Seguaro Cactus”)

Autumn is in full force, and I couldn’t be happier, it’s the time of the year when warm orange, olive green, and light brown colors are in.  I have been working like crazy to get the shop stocked with some beautiful autumn colored recycled book bead bracelets.  This weekend we were at the Curie Elementary Craft Show, a big hello and thank you to all of you who came out to say hi!  I LOVE meeting you guys at craft shows, it so fun to put a face to the name a chat in person, you are all what keep me going and doing what I do! Anywho, I had made about 15 new recycled book bead bracelets with beautiful autumn colored beads and placed them out, by the end of the day almost all of them had sold.  In fact we had just finished rolling the book titled “Desert Giant, the world of the saguaro cactus” (which are the bracelet sets above and below)… it was crazy we made a total of 15 bracelet sets out of the book and all but 3 sets had sold, they were leaving the table as fast as I could make them lol.  I guess everyone was in the swing of autumn just like I was… and let me tell you, I am super glad I grabbed a set for myself before they are all gone, if you are looking for a beautiful, natural colored bracelet with autumn colors at the forefront, this is the bracelet for you!  I also posted a bunch of other bracelets in the shop this week with autumn colors, don’t forget to swing by and check it out, have an awesome week everyone!


Desert giant

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Sheet music paper bead bracelets

Sheet music beads are here to stay!  You guys asked for them, and they are here to stay.  Recycled sheet music beads are fun, I think because they are so simple and recognizable.  We have been making some autumn colored sheet music sets, and slowly are also putting out some limited edition Christmas colored sheet music bracelets, that would be perfect for holiday parties you go to.

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