Corner of Love | Trashy Craft #62 Wall Decor Ideas

Corner of Love | Trashy Craft #62 Wall Decor Ideas

Ok guys, so this morning I have a migraine and am quite frankly pooped, so it’s a show and tell kinda day.  I am going to share with you a little recycled art heaven in my bedroom I like to call the corner of love.  It’s right next to my bed, I have all artwork reflecting love.  The two wood pieces are made from old dresser drawers I found in an alley a few years ago, I just brought them into my yard, grabbed a hammer and broke them down, can you say free canvas!

IMG 6193

This is one of the dresser drawer pieces I made, saw the quote on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  The little nature print below has a fun story.  5 and a half years ago when I had first started dating Dave he was a forrest service firefighter and had to fight a fire for the summer all the way up in Chico, California….and I am in San Diego, so I found this print at a thrift store before he left, it was longer I cut it in half and give him one half to take with him, I hung the other in my room…. notice the old lady and old man hiking among the animals… awwww

IMG 6205

So, I was inspired by an artist on Etsy that did graphic prints of “spooning”  I can’t draw….at all.  So I took the inspiration and turned it recycled arts… green is my all time favorite color, on many occasions you can see me in green shorts green shirt and green hat, all different shades of course, but non the less… I am obsessed with green, so my blanket for the best of the spoons is green!

IMG 6204

You know that stage when you just start dating and you draw hearts with your initials all over your doodles you make on your notes in you university class while trying not to fall asleep during a three hour lecture?  Yeah, I am still a fan of D + K hearts hahahhaa, another example of using dresser drawers…

IMG 6196

So, I know this is not recycled art… but it’s one of my pride and joys… I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of the show Southpark….. Dave made me this for Christmas a few years back, it is all tiny pieces of cut construction just like they would make when they started animating the show!!! <3 it’s the most awesome thing anyone has every made me!  He looks just as handsome as he does in comic version… and me, well I am really not taller than him, and my boobs are not crooked, but I LOVE it still… Dave did an amazing job!

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