Children Book Paper Flowers | Trashy Craft #74

Children Book Paper Flowers | Trashy Craft #74



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So a while back I found a full mattress spring in the trash…. well I cut that sucker up!  It took Dave and I awhile, but I turned all of those tight twisted springs into stems for my recycled book paper flowers!  I LOVE how they turned out, they are so perky and colorful.  These are two new styles I made today, one is with a children’s book mixed with map and sheet music… the other is 100% garfield comics 🙂 I

If you Love these and want a few for your office desk at work or to cheer up a corner of your home stop by our Etsy shop…. there is new stuff going up each day, and at the moment these two lovely flowers are in the store and looking for a lovely home, CLICK HERE to check it out. 

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