Apartment Garden Zen

Apartment Garden Zen

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When does gardening season start in my home?  Right after New Years day, yep thats right!  While majority of the United States is buried in snow, my boyfriend Dave and I went out to the local nursery this past weekend to get some new plants for the garden.  We mostly got herbs, since majority of them couldn’t make it thought the super hot summer.  Now we can finally get back to making homemade soup with herbs.

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My succulents are growing great, I love how easy they are too work with, you can really create fun and interesting decor with them, and they are very forgiving of being man handled.

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Our garden needed a little color, so I bought a few small flowers to give it some pop.  We mostly have herbs and succulents, so the only thing that was adding any type of color was the pots I had painted and the garden trinkets.  I still LOVE that organ planter, the succulents are really growing in it nicely and filling in any gaps that were showing when I first planted them in it last summer. BTW I got the zombie gnome for christmas from a secret santa gift.

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Jaegermeister… enough said.

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Daisies are actually my all time favorite flower, I like the simplicity of them.  Wildflowers are also cool, I like the texture they have along with the whimsical feeling they add.  I remember a camping trip my family and I took when I graduated from high school, we went camping up in the Sierras in California…. we had a small cabin we rented right next to a huge meadow full of wildflowers… it was breathtaking, I think the daisies remind me a little of the magic of that meadow 🙂

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I am a huge fan of composting, these are my worms, they are famous… we’ll lets just say they are in the headlines…. of the newspaper that is…. get it?  Their bedding is newspaper… hahah anyways.  How does your garden grow, don’t use the fact that you live in an apartment to stop you from having a beautiful little garden, remember its quality not quantity!

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