Crafting has always been in my blood, my Grandma is a crafter and as far back as I can remember when I was a kid I would always go help her set up and sell at craft fairs.  She watched my sister and I after school and when homework was done we were able to go into her craft room and create whatever our imaginations could dream up.  She had huge boxes with saved up toilet paper rolls, buttons, bubble wrap, jars and other odds and ends that allowed my sister and I to be macgyvers of crafting!  I remember sitting there on the floor of the craft room going through the boxes of random odds and ends trying to come up with a cleaver piece of artwork or designing a useful piece of furniture or home decor.


When I got to middle school I left crafts on the back burner and got into graffiti art (to this day it’s my favorite style of art).  While attending the University of San Diego California I got into video production and photography.  I ended up double majoring and getting BA’s in communications and video production, but in my senior year of college I would rediscover my love for crafts…


So How Did Trashy Crafter Get Started You Ask?

My Mom, Dad, Sister and I love to go to thrift stores, I think mainly because it such an adventure!  Anywho, my Mom and I were at a thrift store when we saw them throwing out hundreds of damaged and outdated books.  This made me really sad, there had to be someway to recycled them into something useful and beautiful.  My Mom and I grabbed about 50 books and threw then into the back of our truck and headed home.  The books sat in a corner of my tiny bedroom for a few months as I finished up finals for my senior year at UCSD.


Soon after graduating I remembered my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Bryant had taught us how to roll paper beads from magazine paper, but it was so flimsy and not sturdy.  So I thought, why not turn this beautiful paper into paper beads?  And that is how Trashy Crafter came to be…. It morphed into more than paper beads, we make recycled art, paper flowers and home decor. My Mom and I gather all the damaged and outdated books, hand cut, roll and coat the beads one at a time.  We even create the cardboard holders from recycled boxes found at the local Costco in San Diego.


 When I am not getting crafty or working on my blog I enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend Dave.  We have been dating for 6 years.  We love camping, fishing, working out, gardening, watching UFC fights, decorating our apartment, going on walks and going tide pooling.