8 Track Tape Recycled Music Lyric Art | Trashy Craft #70 Recycled Craft Tutorial

21 August, 2013

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I was born in 1986, so I don’t have very many fond memories of the 8 track tape, I do however remember we had a really old suburban truck that had an 8 track tape player.  My Mom and Dad were never big into music, so we didn’t listen to them often.  I however and huge music fan, I always have to have music playing or a podcast on when I work.  I found a ton of these at the local thrift store for a buck each.  I bought three and decided to make them into recycled music lyric art, they are the perfect size and even better on the back of these was a small hold that I could hang them easily.  Try to find some with the hole in the back so you can easily hang them. Pick out some of your favorite music lyrics and have a ball!

IMG 6953

IMG 6963

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I used scrap book scraps I had and then printed some of my favorite lyrics from some of my favorite songs… I like to cut each word out and decoupage it on.

IMG 6972

IMG 6973

IMG 6974

IMG 6975

IMG 6976

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Seal with one more layer of mod podge when it’s dry and then spray it with a matte or gloss finish. and ta da, super awesome retro style music art for your home!

IMG 7011

IMG 7023

IMG 7021

IMG 7017

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